We implement non-profit projects in the Czech Republic and abroad.

LonelyBase z.s. is a non-profit organization that creates projects that help in many areas. At the moment, we focuse mainly on burns.


Interburns visual identity

We have created a visual identity for the British non-profit organization Interburns focused on helping burn experts and burn patients, especially in developing countries. interburns.org...

Burn fighters

Young women who have suffered a severe burn injury now help, advise and motivate not only burned. Among other things, they hold discussions mainly on burn prevention in schools and publish articles and videos themselves or in cooperation with experts....

About us


Jarmila Štuková

Since 2005, Jarmila has focused on countries impacted by war, poverty, or social problems. She has documented child prostitution in Ethiopia, the life of the socially disadvantaged in Sierra Leone, the Haiti earthquake, acid attacks in India, girls victim to breast ironing in Cameroon, violence against women in Afghanistan, and the war against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, as well as other topics. She also works with respected authors on prevention and photographic campaigns illustrating the life of the disabled, be they Paralympic athletes or burns victims. She has won twelve awards in the Czech Press Photo competition.
Transparent account: 1764755010/5500

LonelyBase z.s. implements non-profit projects in the Czech Republic and abroad in cooperation with NarrativeBase s.r.o.


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